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Tattoos - Geneal

Body art, tattoo and decoration are ancient traditions. Since the dawn of man, people have explored the human nature and the vast human imagination, inspired by natural phenomenons and the variety of the form and color of life on earth, sea and in the air. From the very beginning of human civilization man has aspired to express this impression on his body for self love, body ritual, the will to better one's self and to increase self confidence and overcome fear.

The arts of tattoo and body piercing are spread widely across the world characterized by the variety of cultures, styles and technique.

In this modern age the artist can express his unique style at the highest performance level. The combination of talent, technology and accumulated knowledge allows more than ever before the achievement of an esthetic, artistic, free of side effects and nearly painless high grade result.



Cover-ups are an esthetic solution for damaged/scared skin surfaces or fixing an old/poorly done tattoo that we are tired with. The cover-ups in most cases are actually performing a new tattoo based on the foundations of the old tattoo. The field of cover-ups integrates several techniques which include but are not limited to free hand drawing and requires and expertise, drawing ability and plenty imagination.

Shai Hand is widely experienced in this field and well known for his talent and love of the "Before - After" works with results beyond expectation.


Work environment

Here at "Panic" we have adopted high standards work ethics to ensure high level results for our costumers and their satisfaction.


Emphasis and Standards:

  • Clean and sterile work station.
  • Disposable needles.
  • Multi-Use mechanic parts are sterilized in 2 separate forms.
  • The ink is poured into single use disposable cups.
  • Bed sheets are also disposable.
  • Trash can for disposing of used needles.